Sergio Cruz-Duran
Architectural Urban Squares, Mexican Mythology and Thematic Ink Portraits by Sergio Cruz-Duran. Including a new range of beautifully printed giclée prints.
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Living Mythology in Mexico    

Mythology has lef a powerful legacy in Mexico, going back as far as the ancient Toltecs, Olmecs, Aztecs and Mayans. It has survived for more than twenty generations through paintings, sculpture, crafts and stories. Like all great systems of thought, mythology aims to understand the world, to raise consciousness and to enable humankind to move closer to the creator.

Central to this philosophy is the concept of duality, by which opposite principles struggle not to override each other but to generate movement in a spiral, changing the world and renewing life at a cosmic level. The principle of duality is personified in Quetzalcoatl, who is represented by the plumed serpent, symbolizing both the earthly human condition (the snake) and the divine condition (the bird): the symbol of humankind and its possibilities.

Mythology is the realm in which reality and imagination meet, where future and past make the present, where humankind and god make a person, where body and spirit make the heart beat. Mythology in Mexico – like he Mayan pyramids still partially buried under masses of rubble – once uncovered, still dazzles us with its beauty.

– Sergio Cruz Duran

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High quality giclée prints printed to an exceptional standard, making them faithful and collectable reproductions of the original drawings. Printed using the finest Fine Art watercolour paper by Hahnemühle 'William Turner' (genuine mould-made 100% rag) using seven colour UltraChrome pigment inks by Fine Art reprographic specialists Art4site.


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