Sergio Cruz-Duran
Architectural Urban Squares, Mexican Mythology and Thematic Ink Portraits by Sergio Cruz-Duran. Including a new range of beautifully printed giclée prints.
Limited Edition giclée prints are
available in directly from the artist.
Commissions by Sergio Cruz-Duran    

Thematic Ink Portraits

Specially commissioned portraits of adults and children are made, where the artist works in conjunction with the subject to agree on a chosen theme that will be incorporated into the final original artwork.

This ink portrait of Laura was made using a highly personal technique in coloured inks with autumn as a chosen theme.

As well as offering an exceptional original artwork, limited edition giclée prints can be made from the final commissioned piece, all signed by the artist and are ideal as gifts for relatives and friends.

Please browse a sample of previous commissions here. For further information, please contact the artist direct.

Commissions of public squares and private buildings

Other public squares and private buildings are undertaken by commission of the artist. For examples of similar work, please refer to the architectural section which show artworks of European Urban Squares.



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