Sergio Cruz-Duran
Architectural Urban Squares, Mexican Mythology and Thematic Ink Portraits by Sergio Cruz-Duran. Including a new range of beautifully printed giclée prints.
Limited Edition giclée prints are
available in directly from the artist.
Curriculum Vitae  Sergio Cruz-Duran    

Sergio Cruz-Duran works with pen and ink and his two main subjects are Mexican Mythology and Urban Squares.

He graduated in Architecture in Mexico City, followed by art studies in California and then undertook a postgraduate course in Urban Design in Oxford.

Having persued drawing from an early age in an autodidactic manner, over the years he has developed a highly individual style which makes his work identifiable with both the early masters drawing skills and the modern development of the very old craftsmanship of drawing.

Exhibitions of his work have taken place in Rotterdam, Aguascalientes, Mexico City, London, Geneva and Oxford.

His work has been published in the United States (by Pomegranate), Mexico and the United Kingdom (by Indigo Art).

Currently he is working on the publication of a book on European Squares, a series of twelve Oxford Colleges and commissioned Thematic Portraits.

The Mexican Post Office has published a drawing of Sergio Cruz-Duran as a postage stamp in April 2013. This is the first time in its history that an artwork has been published of a living artist.

His work is currently exhibited and on sale at Covered Arts, Oxford.

Sergio Cruz-Duran lives and works in Oxford, England.